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Schedule My PC® is an innovative way to automate your Windows PC -

  • Websites - Schedule websites to open automatically for you!  Open up auction sites, social networks, travel sites, sports sites, and dating sites at the appropriate times and days!
  • Programs and Applications - Schedule a program, like Excel, to load a file that  you routinely use, on a particular date and time and on a recurring basis.  A nice solution to open any program and related file that you use daily, weekly or monthly
  • Folders - Open any Folder to view files in a Windows directory. Great for checking if files arrived in that directory from other sources or enabling you to choose a file to work with at that time
  • Comes in packs of 100 and site licenses for Businesses

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The scheduling system is a familiar and easy method to starting websites and programs on a recurring basis.  You can set Scheduled Content to open on a recurring basis in minutes, hours, days, months and years!

Sample Image of the Scheduled Content Dialog Box

Let Schedule My PC® automate and help you remember what you do routinely on any Windows PC.  Great for paying your bills on time every week when they are due!

Requirements Any Windows PC with access to the Internet. 

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Schedule My PC Single User (FREE)
Schedule My PC Single User (FREE)